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Gaur City Mall Noida Extension

Specifications for Office Space in Gaur City Mall
  1. Reception Backdrop Partition
  2. Reception Table
  3. Reception Chair
  4. Reception Visitor Sofa
  5. Meeting Table
  6. Meeting Chair 4nos.
  7. Workstation with overhead storage
  8. Workstation Chair 3nos.
  9. Cabin Glass Partition with door
  10. T.V. with Paneling
  11. Cabin Sofa
  12. Cabin Office Table
  13. Cabin Office side Table
  14. Cabin Office Chair 3nos.
  15. Cabin storage Cabinet
  16. Cabin Backdrop Paneling
  17. Vertical Blinds
  18. Air Conditioner 1.5 ton split
  19. Ceiling fan
  20. Toilet Geyser
  21. Exhaust fan


  1. The Colour, model, size, capacity, brand and design of any item can be changed without any prior notice. However they will be provided of good standard.
  2. The request for any change in construction/specification/furnishing of any type in the service apartment will not be entertained.
  3. This specification will only be provided on payment of specification/furnishing charges as per pricelist.
  4. Products will be provided only as per availability in the market.